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Cryogenic Cylinders (Liquid Cylinders)

(160 @ 1000 liters)

Technical Applications

The Cryogenic Cylinders are widely used in industry, hospitals and transport services, storage and consumption of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, carbon dioxide and liquid Nitrous oxide. It is an alternative intermediary between the pressurized cylinders and cryogenic bulk tanks of high capacity.

Technical Description

The Cryogenic Cylinder produced by Nitrotec has the internal and external vessel built with stainless steel, making it an excellent durability product.
The internal vessel is suspended within the external tank by a system of brackets. The consumption vaporizer is installed inside the external tank.
The insulation is the superinsulation of high performance, combining the multi-layer with an extremely low level of vacuum, thus ensuring the lowest possible evaporation.

Standard Circuits of Cylinders

  • Gas outlet valve
  • Liquid outlet valve
  • Throttle shut-off valve
  • Pressure regulator circuit
  • Saving circuit
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Level indicator and pressure

Capacity Table



  • For the liquid cylinders of carbon dioxide and N2O the design pressure is 350 psig
  • Alternatively we can provide the liquid cylinders for O2, N2 and Air also to 350 psig or another pressure specified by the customer
  • We can also produce liquid cylinders with different capabilities of our standard and with special characteristics. Consult us and we will submit the offer that best fit your need
  • The weight of models from the LC450 includes weight of pallet structure

Download Technical Catalogue

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