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LPG Vaporizers


Technical Description

Atmospheric vaporizers for LPG are manufactured by Nitrotec with finned aluminum profiles and the thermal exchange for the vaporization of LPG made with the environment through these profiles. The capacities of various standard models can be viewed in the table (see overleaf), but other skills can be manufactured to order. Always consult our Engineering.

The vaporizer is supplemented by a number of items:

  • Pressure reducing valve to reduce pressure of LPG and reduce its temperature also increases the temperature difference with the environment and allow a better heat exchange.
  • Solenoid valve at the entrance of the vaporizer that is thrown by the key level to block the entry of LPG to check if the passage of the LPG liquid into the system, thereby ensuring the safety of equipment and protecting the system downstream.
  • Level switch at the output of LPG to detect the passage of liquid LPG in the system, triggering the solenoid entrance.

Capacities Table

The Nitrotec provides specialized technical assistance for scaling in each case taking into account the climatic conditions of the installation site.


  • Our flexible design uses the standard module construction which facilitates the design to achieve the required flow by reducing costs of design and production and optimizing field installation enabling faster installation in a layout compatible with the customer’s plant.
  • They are easy installation in tight spaces. Its construction is extremely simple which allows to quickly meet customer requests.
  • Modular construction for easy and rapid fabrication and installation.
    Allows continuous duty over a long period of operation.
  • Constructed entirely in aluminum and with minimal moving parts reducing maintenance costs to virtually zero.
  • Do not consume electricity.

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