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MPG Model Truck for LPG Transport


Technical description

Trucks MPG model specially designed for LPG transport are built with special carbon steel. This equipment is mounted on the chassis of a truck and unloading of product is made using a pump.
The tank has a liquid valve of 2 or 3 inches, steam  line 1 ½ inches, fill valve maximum @ 85% and a bottom valve of 1 inch.
The device also offers magnetic level meter, flow meter, 45 meters of hose, thermometer, pressure gauge, pump and reels.

Technical Features


  • Shell: A 516 to 70 or SAC 60.
  • Heads: A 516 to 70 or SAC 60.
  • Flanges: A 105.
  • Manhoel: A 516 – 70.
  • Screws / threads: ASTM A – 193 B 7.
  • Nuts: ASTM A – 194 2 H.
  • Breaking waves: carbon steel.


  • Hydrostatic to 1.5 times the design pressure.
  • Radiography 100% of inner tank.
  • Leak test of plumbing.

Outer Surface Finish

  • Sanding blastjn, Grade SA 2 ½
  • Macropoxi Primer with Zinc and Aluminum.
  • Finish: Polyurethane.

Data Book

The  “Data Book” of the has the following documents:

  • Certificate of raw material.
  • Qualification of welding procedures and welders.
  • Report radiography positioning sketch with them.
  • Certificate of ultrasound test (if applicable).
  • Map of the distribution of raw materials.
  • Certificate of prisoners / nuts / bolts.
  • Certificate of hydrostatic testing.
  • Copy of nameplate.
  • Term of training.

Important Notes

The equipment is mounted on the chassis that allows its independent disassembly. This framework also ensures a much higher resistance to the chassis of the truck and its assembly with flexible splints on the front (instead of dampers) and battens fixed at the rear prevents the appearance of cracks. A cabinet on the back contains the relief system, pipes for loading and unloading and the panel. The cabinet is constructed of carbon steel 3mm and door of carbon steel, 2mm. The equipments are all equipped with bumpers as the legislation in force (RTQ32). The unit is able to travel in all countries of Mercosul.

Download Technical Catalogue

  Caminhão para Transporte de GLP (855.8 KiB, 909 hits)