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Semi Trailer for CO2


Technical Description

Semi trailer designed for the transport of CO2 at a maximum pressure of 24.6 bar, composed of a special carbon steel for low temperatures insulated with injected polyurethane and covered with aluminum plate.
The tank is mounted on a chassis of carbon steel beams using mechanical suspensions of 3 axes. It is equipped with all the systems of lighting, manhole, shock device, and security devices to meet the standard RT6 INMETRO for this type of equipment.
The shock device meets the standard for RTQ32 for dangerous cargo.
The plumbing is designed with a double safety system, allowing tasks to perform maintenance without removing the unit from the normal operation.
The rear cabinet is constructed of stainless steel, getting excellent strength and durability.
The unloading of the unit is done by a gear pump with electrical panel with voltage selector included in our supply.
The equipment uses cryogenic valves of bronze to ensure the tightness with the use of CO2.

Technical Characteristics

Insulation Table

Lines and Valves

  • Build up coil.
  • Tank Filling.
  • Unloading.
  • Pump safety.
  • Double Safety System.
  • Instrumentation and Measurement.


  • Hydrostatic to 1.3 times design the pressure.
  • Radiography of the internal tank according to standard.
  • Cooling the tank and test operation.
  • Pneumatic pipes test.
  • Functional test of the bike pump and electrical panel.


  • All pipes and connections are of stainless steel.
  • The level indicator is type differential: ITT Barton, Wika or Sansom.
  • The units are delivered pressurized to 1 Bar with Nitrogen gas.
  • The internal tank, pipes and connections are clean and ready to operate with CO2.
  • The electrical panel is designed for connection to electrical network of the customer.
  • Options: air suspension, aluminum wheels, ABS brakes, flow meter, tires (on special request).

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