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Tanks for CO2 Isolates With Polyurethane


Technical Description

Horizontal tanks insulated with polyurethane designed for storage of CO2 with maximum working pressure of 24.6 bar consisting of a carbon steel tank of designed to low temperatures and equipped with internal coil for cooling.
The plumbing is designed with a double safety system, allowing the maintenance without removing the unit from the normal operation.
The tanks are provided with the measurement system’s content type differential manometer.

Technical Characteristics

Models Table

Valves, Pipes and Instruments

The equipment has the following operational circuits:

  • Tank Filling
  • Gas phase equalizing
  • Unloading
  • Double Safety System
  • Instrumentation and measurement


  • Hydrostatic test at 1.3 time a the design pressure.
  • Radiography of the internal tank.
  • Pneumatic piping.


  • All pipes and connections are made of stainless steel.
  • The level indicator is type differential: ITT Barton, Wika or Sansom.
  • The tanks are equipped with two lifting devices for loading of equipment.
  • The units are delivered pressurized to 1 Bar with Nitrogen gas.
  • The internal tank, the pipes and connections are clean and ready to operate with CO2.
  • The equipment has an internal cooling coil.

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