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Vacuum Chambers


Technical Applications

The Nitrotec offers a wide range of products for testing equipments with vacuum by developing the best alternative for each case and client.
We have acted strongly in thesegment of the vacuum chambers for research institutes, where the vacuum technology is essential to the development of new products and for tests simulating the space, aviation, studies of physics in general and others.

The Nitrotec owns the technology for manufacturing:

  • Vacuum insulated chambers;
  • Phase separator insulated with vacuum and superinsulation;
  • Cryogenic lines insulated with vacuum and superinsulation;
  • Dewars for liquid nitrogen;
  • Liquid Cryogenic Cylinders.

Technical Description

The chambers have vacuum insulation and advanced technology to reach the values vacuum below 10-8 milibar. Besides the design of the chamber where all the details of fabrication aimed at total tightness of the equipment, are made several tests of leak detection with helium, polishing and cleaning inside the chamber, determining factor in reaching the lowest level of vacuum.
The Nitrotec is able to produce vacuum chambers with capacities of 0.5 m³ up to 500 m³. In addition to providing the chamber and other systems cited above, the Nitrotec is able to perform and complete assembly of the laboratory using the various systems of pumping that the customer can buy on the market: mechanical vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps and turbo molecular pumps and cryogenic vacuum pumps.
All these equipment are widely used in various research institutes of Brazil, Physics Institutes of universities, private laboratories, factories, and others segments for the composition of a laboratory for testing situations on vacuum.


The Nitrotec has a special team for maintenance services in existing vacuum chambers and to design changes in existing systems to improve the income for the replacement of lines mechanically insulated to vacuum lines, increase of the phase separators needed, reconditioning of old chambers to improve the level of vacuum and redesign the lines to obtain better distribution of liquid nitrogen.

Vacuum Chambers Table

The Nitrotec can build a vacuum chamber with the geometry that is predetermined by the customer and with the nozzles for its specific application, including translucent viewers, nozzle KF types, nozzles for passage of wiring of instrumentation and others.
Send us your requirements and we will design the best vacuum system for your needs.

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