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Vessels for Transport of Mercaptan


Technical Description

Pressure vessels for storage and transport of Mercaptan mounted inside skid metal for protection of transport equipment. This skid has a reinforcement at the top to protect the piping and connections in the event of an accident, preventing product spillage.
The vessels are constructed of carbon steel, ASTM A 283 Gr C. Pipes and connections are mounted inside a dome for added protection in case of accident.
The metal structure is mounted where the vessel has special openings to allow handling by forklift, and handles sized to allow the lifting of the vase filled with product by crane or munck truck.
With these devices of lifting the equipment can be easily lifted and placed / unloaded from the truck to allow the exchange at the client end.
The Nitrotec can make the vessels of Mercaptan in the capacity requested by the customer. Our standard line has the capacity for 1250, 2500 and 3000 liters.
The design pressure of our standard line is 4 bar, but we can develop custom design for the pressure defined by the customer.
The vessels are provided with ladder and platform to allow access to the top of the loading and unloading.

Technical Features


Data Book

The tank is provided with a “Data Book” containing:

  • Raw Material Certificate.
  • Certificate of qualification of welders.
  • Qualification of the welding process.
  • Results of hydrostatic testing.
  • Visual and dimensional inspection.
  • Copy of the nameplate.
  • Drawings of the equipment.
  • Compliance with NR-13.

Download Technical Catalogue

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